Hider Your IP Address With Hide My WP Plugin

If you are working online and have lots of visitors who view your blog or website, then you should protect it from external attack by using a WordPress hide my WP plugin. This plugin helps you to hide your real URL. You can use this plugin by inserting ‘WP_hidetect_base’ within the function section of your WordPress website. You can do so after logging into your WordPress website. This hide my WP plugin helps you to prevent your visitors from seeing your real IP address whenever they try to go to your website.

This hide my WP plugin can be useful for you if there are lots of external sites that link back to your blog or website. For instance, if you have blog/website with lots of other websites, then you should be concerned about possible hacking or attack on your website. In case, if there is any malicious attack, the hacker may use different IP to attack your website. With the help of this plugin, you can disable directory links which point to those sites. For instance, if there are many directories that link to your website, then you should hide your real IP address from these directories by using this plugin.

The Hide My WP Plugin  enables you to hide your real IP address when you are logged in. When you activate this plugin, it will perform a search in your WordPress database to see whether your username and password are contained in any databases. If yes, then it will automatically hide your IP address from those databases. So, you don’t have to be worried about any hackers trying to break into your system as the login url and password will always remain confidential.

Some of the most secure W3C security plugin provide the option to change your user names, security options and even the color schemes in your web pages. This way, it will hide all the boxes where you enter your details like name, email and even your security pass phrase. Moreover, you can change the color schemes as per your taste. Hiding your IP address will not only prevent any attack on your system but also keep your privacy intact.

There are also many security plugins which will hide your IP address even when the source code of the page is changed. Some of the security plugins also allow you to change the html output of your page to make it look like it has been sent by a friend or a relative. You can even change the html source code of your web page, so that you can hide your IP address and surf anonymously. These plugins also save your time as they run in the background without disturbing your browsing.

If you want to have a quick test before using a security plugin like minify HTML, then use the free version of the plugin. Just enter the website of your choice and compare the HTML source code with the one shown in the security plugin. If the source codes are different, then just go for the one that shows a green check mark beside it.

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